The club has currently has 45 members, spread throughout Melbourne, rural Victoria, interstate and overseas.

The membership of the club remains as diverse as it began. The age of members ranges from early twenties to some of the original members now in their sixties. One third of the members are women; thirteen members live in rural or regional Victoria and several live interstate and overseas. Seven of the memberships are now with second-generation members. Over a third of the memberships have changed hands in the past 30 years.

The benefits and responsibilities for all members are the same. There is no distinction between new and foundation members.

The spread of members’ alpine interests encompasses downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, cross country skiing, ski touring, bushwalking and mountain bike riding. Members’ occupations include students, plumbers, doctors, retirees, town planners, electrician, farmers, systems engineer, foreign aid workers, school teachers, ranger, nurse, barrister, architect, engineer, carpenter, botanist, programmer, builder, systems analyst, zoologist.

Member benefits

  • Participation in a great club, with a 30 year history, in a spectacular location
  • Members have a say in how the lodge is managed, maintained and improved.
  • Low member accommodation rates are very attractive.
  • Members are able to access bookings prior to opening for the general public.
  • An annual Members weekend is a highlight of the snow season.
  • Members who have fulfilled their annual commitments are provided with a credit which can be used against their season bookings for themselves and/or friends and family
  • Members have access to a secure storeroom to store equipment between visits.

Member responsibility

  • A membership contribution is payable each year. The amount required is reviewed each year and reflect the needs and priorities of the Club.
  • Each member is required to complete 10 hours of maintenance work each year (or make a contribution of $300 to the maintenance fund).
  • Members are expected to participate in the running of the Club by attending meetings, contribute to discussions and volunteer for the Committee
  • When staying at the lodge, members are expected to be welcoming to all guests and encourage them to ‘come again’.

Becoming a member

New memberships:

Existing memberships are offered for sale from time to time, as the circumstances of individual members change. This is a private transaction between the member and the prospective buyer, however any transfer must observe the following:

1. All financial commitments must be fulfilled by the member before a membership can be transferred.

2. Transfer Process:

  • A transfer form is to be completed by both parties and sent to the club committee with a transfer fee.
  • Notice of the transfer is then put to the membership, and if there are no objections within 14 days, the transfer is accepted, and the transferee becomes the new member.

To enquire regarding possible memberships available for sale, please email the Treasurer of Aardvark Alpine Club, John:

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For general information about Aardvark Alpine Club memberships, please email:

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