Firstly we recommend you check out this page covering getting to Hotham, wrangling chains parking, resort entry and more.

Once you are on the mountain, follow the Alpine road to either the 'Spiral Stairs' (bus stop 4) or further down to the 'Big D' (bus stop 5). Loading Zone parking is available in both locations.

From 'Spiral Stairs' you walk uphill on the over-snow trail past APEA Lodge towards Ormond Lodge - veer left past Ormond as Aardvark is located above it. If you unload at the 'Big D' you can walk up 'Higgi Drive' - keep to the far right hand side of the ski run as you walk up the hill and veer right onto the over-snow trail passing under the lift line.

If you have a lot of gear/luggage, you may wish to use Snow-tow oversnow transport available until 6pm, 7pm Sundays and late on Fridays. Depending on conditions, operations may be limited until after the Big D chair lift has closed at 5pm. Book online for a discount or phone before arrival - call 0408 516 162.

LONG TERM PARKING at designated carparks. Free buses circulate at regular intervals to transport people to and from cars and throughout the resort.

** Hint: carry a snow shovel, have coat, gloves, hats and boots handy in car for when you arrive