Aardvark Alpine Club Inc. is a not for profit group of like-minded yet diverse people who have come together to enjoy affordable alpine outdoor activities within a healthy and sustainable environment.

We aim to be an environmental advocate in relation to Alpine development, and to provide for people interested in all forms of skiing, skating, mountaineering, walking, trail riding, fishing and other alpine activities or pastimes.

Aardvark Alpine Club aims to provide the best club-style accommodation in the middle to lower price range in the Mt Hotham Resort. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our guests through comfortable, safe, affordable accommodation in a friendly environment.  Aardvark’s goal is to maximize its occupancy throughout the year with a spirit of egalitarianism.


In the mid seventies, a group of keen skiers, loosely associated with La Trobe University, founded the Aardvark Ski Club. Like-minded people were encouraged to join and to take up the opportunity and challenge of building a lodge in the Mt Hotham Resort area.

The Lodge was erected in the 1980-1981 off-season.  All the unskilled labour and a significant proportion of the skilled labour was provided by the 45 members. Each member contributed at least 120 hours on-site.  The certificate of occupancy was achieved on July 7th, 1981 with a covering of three metres of snow.

The Aardvark Ski Club began as an unincorporated body and a non-profit building cooperative.  With the new title of Aardvark Alpine Club we became incorporated as a non-profit body under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act.   The Club operates under a formal set of Rules and Regulations and holds an Annual General Meeting, which elects the management team (Committee) for the following 12 months.

Environmental Management Plan

Download the Aardvark Environmental management plan

Planning for the future

Building Plan Stage One, completed in 2008, involved the building of two additional bedrooms, a members' store room and a family bathroom. Further renovations including the replacement of our bathrooms and new communal living space are at an advanced stage of planning.

We welcome new members who are keen to contribute to the future direction of our club.

If you are interesting in becoming a member of Aardvark, look at the Memberships page for more information.