AARDVARK - a ski lodge at Mt Hotham, Victoria, Australia.

Why, Aardvark? Because Aardvark begins with AA and because Burramys Lodge already exists. The Mountain Pygmy Possum habitat was, after all, enhanced by a founding member.

The Aardvark founders had a passion for the Alpine environment and the snow. They had a willingness to have a go. They saw the opportunity in the late seventies, got together like minded people, organised the club, then went ahead and built the lodge in 1980.

What’s an Aardvark? Surely an Aardvark in the Australian Alps is improbable?

Ozzie Aardvarks  purely and simply love the high country in all its seasons.

Aardvarks respect and nurture the environment.

They are “doers” not watchers. Yet, they like to find the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get things done, so they can get on with having fun.

Aardvarks are free spirits, prepared to take a chance; to say ‘Why Not?’

Aardvarks have open hearts and minds, and accept and welcome others with warmth and good humour.

Aardvarks, families and friends share an impossible, improbable, impulsive yet reflective culture. This involves sharing the warmth of the open fire, the wonder of watching snow fill the windows of the lounge, the brutal trudge up the hill, the wood room chain gang, digging for beer in Gods Fridge,  the fantastic views from the shower, scrambling up to the top of Higgi for sunset, and the walk to Feathertop, or Falls Creek in Summer

Aardvark is……….it just is……..and Aardvarks love it.

Built in the summer of 1980-1981, Aardvark has a warm, cosy atmosphere. It is located in one of the highest positions on the mountain, with the 'Big D' chairlift and 'Night Skiing' (Sat & Wed) right outside the front door.

Inside the lodge you have an open fireplace and great views of the surrounding countryside. Aardvark's aim is to provide cheap and happy skiing for both members and friends, and above all make sure everyone has a good time.